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New Book- The Key To Love

The Key To Love, A Teaching from The Beings Of Light for an Enlightened Reality on Earth, is a received teaching. It invites you to step into the viewpoint of Oneness. It offers a view of humanity and the Earth from a higher dimensional reality. Reminding us that we are not separate individuals, but that we are already card-carrying members of "All That Is." This knowledge of our unity is the key to a more just, loving and peaceful world.

New Book- Being The Miracle Of Love

Being The Miracle of Love is as comforting as a life ring in a storm tossed sea, this treasure of a book both educates and transforms as it reminds us that we are embodiments of Love. Jesus' words not only convey a Truth we recognize, they transmit a peaceful energy that we feel as we read the book itself. Jesus outlines the simplicity of Love within each of us as the grand designer for our New World. He explains that it is our Loving thoughts, actions and awareness that brings the blueprints for the Golden Age into reality.

Honorable Mention - Being The Miracle Of Love Being The Miracle of Love is filled with conversations on many topics including Miracles, Enlightenment, Ascension, Healing, Family, Work, Education, Community, Government, Farming and Food in the coming Golden Age.

An excerpt from Jesus' Introduction:

The human race is a powerful force, one that can make or break the natural systems on Earth at this time. So the real choice for each and every one is to find the will to enact the True Self in Life; to find the self-awareness and the present moment often enough to reveal the Love that you are to the world. Through each individual, within each interaction, the New World is born. This work is a handbook to that creative adventure. - (page xxi)

Be The Second Coming

Guidebook to the Embodiment of the Christ within: A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny

Be the Second Coming is a timely how-to guide for connecting to the divine presence that is within each of us.

Practical exercises will help us to see "all as one," which is the bridge to seeing as a Christ sees. Learn to see the structures, people, animals, and the very earth around us as part of who we are in the largest sense. Be the Second Coming creates a vision for a life that is boldly empowering and deeply hopeful by offering a path for a return to heaven on Earth.

A Tree Of Life
Liberty Climbing The Ladder of Consciousness

Ticket To Love

New Weekly Series:


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