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Ongoing Events

Join the group forming to read the new Book:

The Key to Love,

Manual for an Enlightened Reality on Earth

By the Beings of Light and Hope Ives Mauran

Please join the group now forming to read The Key to Love together, as One Voice in synchronized breath. We will all inhale at the same places in the text, which creates an experience of Unity and a coherent field of energy. This is a play ground for Light workers, spiritual pioneers and anyone ready to move into Love as a way of Life. Everyone Welcome! FREE!

Meeting Weekly on THURSDAYS at 12:30 am in New Paltz- FREE.
email HOPE for the location at Hope@hopeivesmauran.com

FOR EXISTING GROUPS: a new kind of spiritual practice, to bring us to a harmonious connection with ourselves and the Unified Field of energy that connects us all as we read together, in synchronized breath from the Heart, the NEW teaching Series from the Beings of Light, called a Key to Love. It is a very powerful and uplifting practice. Text is available as a weekly blog post http://www.hopeivesmauran.com/blog/ and soon to be in book form. email Hope to ARRANGE A DATE: Hope@hopeivesmauran.com

This can be done via skype or in person if you are near New Paltz, NY.