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The Eagle flies on high, effortlessly, at ease, seeing with clarity and precision... a metaphor for the non-dual Self That We All Are, that is already Whole and always "at Home".
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The Great Transformation

       I. A Great Transformation is Occurring …    It is not a transformation from… a world hunkered down, locked down, separated and masked… to a world freshly immunized… and then simply back to how it was before. The transformation we are facing is larger than that, it is a leap in frequency and consciousness for the Earth and humanity, to a new vibrational frequency and level of being. It is here helping us to evolve and change and even force … Continue reading

Healing the Heart of America, Message from George Washington

I come to you as a founder, a leader and a visionary. The vision held for the United States of America - then and now was for a place of spiritual freedom, individual responsibility and harmonious co-existence. A place where all could be sure they had the right to speech, education and a good day's work. … Continue reading