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From Hope to Grace: Life Empowerment Coaching

Be Coached by Hope using the book

Learn a proven method for empowering your life and fulfilling your dreams. The 12 session coaching program looks at your whole life, and includes sessions to help you deepen your relationships, nourish your creativity, achieve prosperity and quality of life, create work that is fulfilling and inspiring, dialogue with your body, support your health, heal and release emotional wounds, and achieve your soul’s purpose.

You will also strengthen your ability to listen for your own inner guidance. Email Hope to set up a time to call and talk about your needs.

Channeling Sessions


$90 - 1 Hour Personal Session

$50 - 1/2 Hour Personal Session

Pay What You Can Personal Session

"Welcome to the wisdom of your own soul, to the opportunity to embrace who you truly are. Your answers lie within you.

During your session, Hope will assist you to find your own truth. Her presence will bring you to the depth of your own internal voice, and assist you to clarity, healing and a greater ability to embrace life." - The Guides

In response to your questions Hope channels your guides and the Christ consciousness. Your questions are the start of the conversation, and you will have the opportunity to deepen or clarify the inquiry in our time together.

Calls will be recorded and an MP3 will be emailed to you. Sessions are offered on an "pay what you can" basis, or $50 for half hour and $90 for a full hour.

"Receiving divine guidance from the Christ consciousness is an extraordinary and profound gift. Hope's personal sessions with me have helped me immensely on my journey. It is truly an inspiration to be gifted with such clear guidance. I am very grateful to know Hope and to be on the receiving end of such loving and insightful wisdom." - Jody Fabrikant, New Paltz, NY
"Hope's Channeling session left me feeling like a different being afterwards, I felt peaceful and empowered to move forward in my life." - Susie Kostelny, Tarrytown, NY
"Having experienced the power and beauty of channeled communication for many years now, i am still amazed and struck by the very special gift that Hope shares so freely. Divinely guided are words we may hear often these days but through Hope the energy that comes forth consistently is very pure and remarkably impactful. It is difficult to describe how The Presence, through Hope, can be at once, both powerfully strong yet so remarkably gentle simultaneously. It is this combination of energies that has, for me, transformed many moments of upheaval or disturbance, into a clear, peaceful and stable state of being." - Martha Hamilton Snyder (Isobel), Virginia
"I want to thank you once again for 'The Evening of Channeled Light' the other night. I feel it has given me greater perspective in my personal life. I would love a copy of the reading, if at all possible. You have a wonderful gift!" - T.B., Gardiner, N.Y.


book: be the second coming

Be The Second Coming

Guidebook to the Embodiment of the Christ within: A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny

book: where the wisdom lies

Where The Wisdom Lies

A Message From Nature's Small Creatures