We are safe, whole and home already

Hope Ives Mauran

“We are safe, whole and home already…” the phrase that is beneath my painting called ‘Cradled,’ describes how I feel when I see and feel being held by the Earth or the Creator as shown here. It allows me to relax into knowing that everything is already ‘ok.’ Our True home is with Source, Creator, God or ‘All that Is’… we never left there in Truth! The separation from Everything around us is simply not possible. We are a part of the Earth and All That Is, whether we notice or not! "The separation from God never occurred.” * We are always and already One All That Is, Source, Creator, God… the “One”, or whatever you may call it, we cannot be truly outside of that Oneness. We cannot be lost from it. We can however, forget! There is a veil of forgetfulness that we slipped through leaving this World of Oneness, safety and wholeness, and perhaps this card will remind you of the way back… to remembering our Oneness with All That Is, and with each other. In remembering our connection with the people, animals and plants around us, life is instantly a more joyful experience!

This card that you may have been given or picked up somewhere is a reminder that we are safe, we are whole and complete and we are already home. I find that when I allow myself to feel the security of being held and loved by the Earth or by the Creator that my body relaxes, I breathe more easily and life’s difficulties are put into perspective. My hope is that you find some comfort in this image as well.

* Gary Reynard, The Disappearance of the Universe